Reviews: David’s, Baker’s Bench, Abilene, Bruno’s

Have Budget Will Travel has reviewed Abilene,

I almost want to say this may be my favorite dish ever (it is a little scary to make such a bold statement). Again, it was the sauce that was the start of the dish. I am going to be dreaming of this until I can get another bite.

Drink Up and Get Happy has reviewed Bruno’s,

Overall what started out as great happy hour potential didn’t quite live up to the hope.

Press Herald has reviewed Baker’s Bench,

Not only was it a huge sandwich, it was well-priced and delicious. It was made with roasted turkey (thickly sliced, not deli turkey) and ham on top of a thick slice of American cheese. The bottom slice of toasted Prairie bread – a seedy, whole grain bread – was slathered in mayo. The top half of the sandwich held the lettuce, tomato and bacon. It’s like two sandwiches in one – a BLT on top of a turkey and ham.

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed David’s,

The meatloaf arrived at an appropriate interval and I was shocked, but certainly pleased, at it’s heft. The pork and beef mixture was distributed in a significant hunk. It was wrapped in the bacon and had garlic mashed in the basement with mushroom gravy and crisp onions on top.

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