Review of Coletti’s, Diwali, Vegan Thanksgiving, Home Plate

The Maine Sunday Telegram includes a review of Coletti’s Pizza in Biddeford.

Take the Coletti’s Special ($21), where roasted eggplant and tomato sauce play a supporting role to spears of tender, sautéed broccoli rabe. “I get broccoli rabe by the case every week. It’s funny, because back in Naples, poor people like us used to say things like, ‘We don’t need money when we have broccoli rabe.’ So I cook it using my momma’s recipe, with just extra-virgin olive oil and garlic. It’s important to me. That’s why it’s the Coletti’s ‘Special’,” he said.

Today’s paper also includes an article about the celebration of Diwali in Maine, Avery Yale Kamilla’s recommendations on how to serve a vegan Thanksgiving dinner, and a Home Plate essay by Vrylena Olney.