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The Bollard has reviewed Bramhall.

Disappointments aside, we couldn’t honestly say we weren’t sated and happy by the end of the meal. Maybe it was the candlelight, or the whiskey’s warm glow, but we promised ourselves we’d return.

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  1. As a regular at Bramhall I find it odd that I have never had these issues. Maybe it was a single night of bad execution. I find the food to be as advertised. The simple touches on dishes are well applied and a majority of food comments from customers including industry folk are usually positive around me.

    The ‘Mexican Standard’ of taco shell comment was quite comical. Yes, Let’s make all dishes sure holds up to the mexican, italian, asian, oh, all the standards of fare…in a pub setting all at a very affordable price with hardly any kitchen to speak of.

    This was written in passive aggressive style. I’m sure if they would have actually flagged down a server or bartender the situation could have been remedied. They showed their ‘lack of investment’ toward the value-based dining experience.

    I wonder if there is any correlation to a smear piece that the Bollard did in a cocktail feature regarding Sebago Brewing Company’s lack of a cocktail program years back to a former Sebago manager (Chris Beaulieu)? Could just be coincidence, Busby never seems to grind axes 😉

    As a value seeking customer she missed the mark and her article was quite the dead end.

  2. Bramhall is my favorite bar since it’s opened. The vibe, obviously the setting, the workers, the absurdly low cocktail prices, and food that is perfectly fine for what it is. Everytime it snows there’s a gravational force that pulls me there

    I mean seriously, the scofflaw drink is like 7 bucks and awesome. That’s a 12 dollar drink at hunt club or Walters or any similar place

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