Renovation and Renewal

Whether it’s as simple as a new coat of paint or a more in depth kitchen remodel, the slower months at the start of the year are when some restaurant temporarily close to do renovations that set them up well for the rest of the year.

Here are a few we’ve heard of:

Local 188 – closed for a few days in early January to remodel and reconfigure their open kitchen.

David’s – closed earlier this month and expects to reopen in February. The renovations will include “hand-forged artisan iron work, decorative etched stainless steel, reclaimed wood, new lighting and a refreshed open view into the kitchen”

Caiola’s – the new owners plan to close February 19 to renovate the dining room and kitchen in the 11-year old restaurant. During their final weeks they will “bringing back some of the Caiola’s favorites that you have known from over the years. Come and say good-by with some familiar flavors.”

Evo – plans to close January 29 through February 2 to improve their ventilation system.

Artemisia Cafe – is nearly finished with renovations to their kitchen that began in December and expect to reopen very soon.

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  1. I peeked into the old Mesa Verde spot and there was a guy in there laying tile. There was a big bar on one side and pizza oven in the back. He didn’t seem to know when they were planning on opening.

  2. I saw that big bar in the old Mesa Verde space when they had the door open the other day. Looks promising!

    There is also a lot of woodwork currently being done in the storefront just west of the Schwartz Building (which itself remains inexplicably empty). Not sure what’s planned for that space but with the action at the old Mesa Verde and the recent opening of Sichuan Kitchen I’m hopeful that this block of Congress is coming back to life.

  3. Any word on THE FRAME SHOP space on 184 State Street? Thought Otto’s Pizza/Ocho folks were looking at that space. Seems like a great spot for a little cafe.

  4. The Frame Shop space shows no signs of activity, and I saw on another site that the Otto’s folks have abandoned plans to reopen Ocho Burrito altogether.

  5. Not at all. I think it’s a sign that they’re choosing to focus on their core business and put these other projects to side for now.

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