PPH: Kombucha & Herbal Tea

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald examines two alternative types of tea.

Meredith Goad interviewed Chris Hallweaver from the Maine Kombucha Co. who gave her a starter to take home,

Floating near the top was the scoby. Floating near the bottom were little pieces of something. On bottles of Hallweaver’s tea, there’s a note that helpfully explains that these little bits of intestinal goodness are supposed to be there. Yes, you’re supposed to swallow them.

And Avery Yale Kamila talked with Sarah Richards owner of Homegrown Herb & Tea about her ayurvedic herbal tea.

“This is high season for me,” Richards said on a recent morning before she opened the shop. “This is when people are sick or trying to avoid being sick.”

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