Portland Food Trucks

The Portland Phoenix has published an update on the effort to bring food trucks to Portland.

It’s nearly summer, and eating outdoors is one of the prime luxuries Maine can offer its residents and visitors. Portland’s considering making that easier, with its Food Truck Task Force determining how to organize the debut of the latest nationwide foodie-fad.

3 comments on “Portland Food Trucks

  1. I get semi-irregular emails from Barber Foods, and recently I got a survey from them about possible names for a mobile food truck. The logistics of this are absolutely huge, especially since I sense that the small local shops will be (at least part of the time) competing with somewhat larger organizations, like Barber (or whatever multi-national owns them now).

  2. I’m puzzled by the Barber email as it isn’t something that they’d ever talked about getting involved in. Did the email(s) say they were doing a food truck?

    Freeport btw has a single license holder for all the food carts on the main drag.

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