Porthole Closed

According to a report from the Press Herald, The Porthole has closed and it’s “unclear” when it will reopen.

[Owner Oliver] Keithly said Tuesday he hopes he can work out a plan to renovate and reopen, but he acknowledged it will be difficult. He said he had been planning on closing the Porthole in December and January to redesign the kitchen – which the Comedy Connection shares — but decided do the work earlier after the health inspection and subsequent press coverage.

“Business has been so slow,” he said. “Why prolong it?”

3 comments on “Porthole Closed

  1. The article says Keithley has a new tenant for the Harbour’s Edge space. Is this where Harding Lee Smith is putting his new seafood restaurant?

  2. That’s my assumption but I don’t have hard confirmation yet.

    Early rumors suggested it was going to be an oyster bar, what I’ve heard it’s going to be a more general purpose seafood restaurant.

  3. I too have heard that Lee Harding Smith is buying property at Harbour’s Edge and is planning on a multi-level restaurant, including oyster/raw bar on one level, full seafood restaurant on another and outside rooftop dining – genius!). It makes sense that Keithley would close down and wait for this big sale, rather than spend the time & money now with winter renovations. I do hope Porthole reopens at some point — I love their BRUNCH.

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