Phoenix Food Truck Match-up & Review of Wicked Good

This week’s Portland Phoenix includes a short article about food trucks and quiz that challenges you to match-up the trucks with the owners.

This week the paper also published a review of Wicked Good Street Kitchen.

Their version of the BLT was more sophisticated — with terrific Iraqi flatbread and lots of crunchy and bitter arugula. The thin bread let you really taste the thick salty bacon, the sweet tomato, and the tangy-sour mayo. A falafel sandwich was very similar, but a bit less rewarding since the chickpeas obscured the other flavors a bit. A “raw pad Thai” is actually more like a really nice salad in the French tradition of diced root veggies. The noodles are actually crunchy radish, and the sauce is more tahini-creamy than nutty. There is plenty of crunchy kale, carrot, and sweet red pepper.

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