Pans & Predictions from the Press Herald

Meredith Goad and crew shares their “list of what we liked, what we didn’t like [from 2013] and what we think is in store for 2014″.

There’s a lot of these lists floating around, so I thought I’d put a little twist on it and focus on Maine food trends we hate, trends we love, and trends we just expect to show up at our door one day unannounced, whether we want them or not, sort of like “60 Minutes.”

These lists are a group effort. I asked several people I know on staff who love food and/or dine out a lot to send me their wishes and gripes. Thanks to my colleagues Susan Axelrod, Mary Pols and Jack Milton for their contributions.

Personally I’m hoping they’re wrong and that donuts and small plate dining are with us as trends for a long time to come. Likewise I can easily agree with their desire for more OpenTable, pickled vegetables, wheat berries and Mediterranean food.

2 comments on “Pans & Predictions from the Press Herald

  1. BTW, they’re doughnuts, not donuts, and yes, junk food will likely be around forever even if many of us would prefer to eat healthier fare. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding deep fried sugar coated breakfast food for a long time, but you might want to consider altering your diet if you want to keep writing this blog for years to come.

  2. While the one you prefer is the traditional spelling, both are in common use. I eat quite well. I hardly think an occasional donut will be my undoing.

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