Open for Dinner? (Updated)

Since I eat out most meals, my kitchen is less prepared than most to throw together a dinner with ingredients on-hand. Social media is awash today in early closure announcements from bakeries, coffee shops and other eateries. However, the more important question for me is who plans to stay open?

So you and I know what our choices are tonight I’ve started putting together this list of restaurants that plan to be open for dinner.

Shout out other ones you know about and I’ll add them. Restaurants may decide to change their plans so I’d recommend calling to confirm before heading out for dinner:

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  1. Excellent thread! I was just searching for places open for lunch myself. Surprised how many places haven’t bothered to say one way or another.

  2. I think there will be more options for lunch. A number of places plan to close around mid-day.

  3. Sonny’s will be closed today.
    Salvage open for lunch and dinner.
    Local open for dinner.
    Parking available at both.

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