Open Creamery Day & Herring Fishery

Today’s Press Herald includes an article on the 2010 Open Creamery Day taking place Sunday October 10,

“We’ll give out samples and people will get to see the farm and animals. There’s sheep and goats — we have little ones running around — and a guard llama. Coyotes got a lot of our sheep a few years ago, so we got her and haven’t had any problems since.”

Koons said it is important that people know where their food comes from and how it is produced. Open Creamery Day is a great way to teach people, she said.

Visit the Maine Cheese Guild website for more information on Open Creamery Day and a list of participating cheese makers.
The paper also includes a report on new efforts to manage the herring fishery.

Herring’s ecological importance is enormous, because it is a major food source for groundfish, marine mammals, tuna and other species. It also is the preferred bait for Maine’s 5,800 lobstermen — whose industry generates $300 million a year in sales and employs thousands of workers at processing plants, dealerships and restaurants.

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