OAD 200: Hugo’s, Miyake, Eventide, Central

Four Portland restaurants were included in the 2015 Opinionated About Dinning list of the 200 best restaurants in the US: Hugo’s(#38), Miyake(#107), Eventide(#142), Central Provisions(#196).

2 comments on “OAD 200: Hugo’s, Miyake, Eventide, Central

  1. I’m wondering what their information sources are and how recent it is? The info on Miyake is very out of date saying its location is still at their old BYOB location near the West End! Wondering how much other info is wrong/out of date for other restaurants on their list!

  2. The list was just published, it’s put together based on ratings by diners. OAD uses an algorithm that weights more heavily the ratings from people who have more national fine dining experience.

    Fact checking addresses seems to be a weakness of theirs. I think this isn’t the first year they’ve been wrong about the location of Miyake. On the flip side, their info on Hugo’s seems very current.

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