NYT: 36 Hours in Portland, Maine

A New York Times travel article plugs several of our city’s restaurants, bars and markets: Bayside Bowl, Caiola’s, El Rayo, Farmer’s Table, Grace, Kamasouptra, Local Sprouts, Maine Mead Works, Novare Res, Peanut Butter and Jelly Time, Rosemont Market, Scratch Baking and Sonny’s.

PORTLAND, Me., is known for three L’s: lobster, lighthouses and L. L. Bean (O.K., make that four L’s). Here’s another: local. In recent years, this city on the coast of Maine has welcomed a wave of locavore restaurants, urban farms and galleries that feature local artists. Abandoned brick warehouses are being repurposed as eco-friendly boutiques. In the main square, a 19th-century building has been refashioned into a farmers’ market. And everywhere you look, this once-sleepy industrial town is showing signs of rejuvenation — usually by keeping things local.

For commentary on the piece from the New York Times read the article that appeared in the Portland Daily Sun.

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