Night Moves Bread + Pie Expanding

Night Moves Bread +Pie (website, facebook, instagram) has launched a $35,000 Go Fund Me campaign.

Owner Kerry Hanney currently produces her breads and pies overnight in the kitchen at Maples. She plans to use the funds to set-up her own bakery and to buy a grain mill, bread oven and other equipment needed to ramp up production. With her own bakery Hanney will begin selling direct to the public and will use the space to teach workshops in collaboration with the Maine Grain Alliance.

Night Moves is a bakery in Portland, Maine, founded on naturally leavened bread and the abundant possibilities of stone-ground sustainable regional grain. Each product captures Maine’s unique terroir and the many hands in our community of craft. Demand has grown exponentially over the last year, and now it is time for more efficient equipment in a bakery you can visit for your daily bread. More efficient equipment means More Bread!

Night Moves bread is sold at A&C Grocery and The Farm Stand, and is used by Drifter’s Wife, Duckfat, Little Giant, Portland Hunt + Alpine, among others.

Visit the Night Moves Go Fund Me page to make a contribution to her campaign.

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