New Vegan Products

Avery Yale Kamila has put together a list of new (mostly) vegan products that are now available in Maine.

Maine chefs and entrepreneurs have been busy making new vegan products to serve the growing plant-based food market. I wrote about new vegan meats being made in Maine last spring and the state’s growing group of vegan ice cream makers in July. Yet those just scratch the surface of the new items on Maine’s vegan food scene.

2 comments on “New Vegan Products

  1. I’m going on my rant again about a common misconception that Kamila and vegans in general like to make — there is *no* vegan ice cream as it contains no cream. Ok it may be perfectly tasty but it’s not ice cream!

  2. Yeah, right. And there’s no such thing as coconut cream, either, “as it contains no cream.” The usage of the word cream that you’re disparaging has been standard English since at least the middle of the 17th century.

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