NED Bourbon

ned_bourbonNew England Distilling has produced their first batch of Bourbon. It’s now aging in American white oak barrels and will be on store shelves sometime in early 2016.

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  1. Neat. A Bourbon by definition has no age statement. A Straight Bourbon on the label means 24 months, which this won’t be. And with a cool Spring and a moderately quick Summer, not aging this whiskey properly, here’s to another young, over-priced whiskey. It will have the complexity of Senators Club.

  2. Evan, I hear what you’re saying, however New England Distilling has a track record of producing good products including a very nice Rye. Given that, I’d recommend you wait to try the Bourbon they release before deciding whether you like it or not.

  3. Evan, it’s clear that we share a love of good whiskey. As such, we share your lack of enthusiasm for under matured spirit and assure you that we wouldn’t release a whiskey that we didn’t feel was ready. We’d love the chance to show you what we put into producing our spirits as well as how we mature them, age is only one part of the equation. Feel free to give us a call to set up a tour and tasting sometime. 207-878-9759

  4. Good luck, NED! I took your tour last summer as a walk-in and really enjoyed both it and the tasting.

  5. One has to adjust one’s expectations when it comes to young, barrel-aged spirits. My initial reaction to Gunpowder Rye was informed by years of drinking Rittenhouse & LDI/MGP ryes that had spent 4+ years in barrel. That’s an unfair comparison. After some calibration, I came to appreciate the Gunpowder for it’s raw, rye power. It’s also interesting to taste alongside other ryes to observe the effects of increased barrel aging. One really has to appreciate the essence of rye to appreciate a young one such as Gunpowder.

    I expect the same sort of reaction to the Bourbon. If I approach it using a Heaven Hill or Buffalo Trace straight Bourbon as a reference point, I’m going to be disappointed. But, if don’t go looking for those barrel qualities that come with age, I’m sure I’ll find something to appreciate in the N.E.D. Bourbon.

    Go tour N.E.D. Note the copper still. Note the potential (or lack thereof) for economies of scale 🙂 These are craft products and are priced fairly.

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