More on Portland Food Truck

The Forecaster has published a report on food trucks in Portland,

Task force members and participants like Sutton also agreed that food trucks are no more guaranteed to be successful than traditional restaurants, and that the city has a stake in the continued health of the dining industry and Portland’s reputation as a foodie city.

as has Mainebiz.

Preliminary recommendations would allow food trucks to operate in any part of the city from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. with the exception of residential zones. Prior to 10 p.m., food trucks would be allowed only on private property in certain parts of the city. They’d also have to be 65 feet from established restaurants, or 100 feet outside the downtown area. Trucks would be allowed in certain city parks including Deering and Compass as long as they apply with the city.

The recommendations also encourage a “cluster” model where food trucks would gather in one location, setting up something of a food court in private lots around the city.

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