More on Norm's & a Search for Falafel

Tuesday’s Portland Daily Sun includes an update on the closing of Norm’s East End Grill,

“We’re not really closing, we’re moving,” Jabar explained in a telephone interview Monday, adding that the smoker from the Middle Street restaurant would be relocated to Norm’s Bar & Grill, 617 Congress St., and the menu expanded.

and columnist Margo Mallar’s unsuccessful search for Unlawful Falafel takes her to WhaddaPita,

I looked for the falafel cart again this week without success. Because it was Monday? or raining? or I got the address wrong? Some of my colleagues report a sighting at Tommy’s Park, so maybe I’ll try there.
Who knows. But my appetite was whetted for a pita sandwich so I decided to drop by Whaddapita, the new gyro shop on Forest Avenue. I’ve been there half a dozen times in the past month. The place is brightly painted with pictures of walking, smiling pita sandwiches on the wall. It’s really good, fast, affordable and very clean.

2 comments on “More on Norm's & a Search for Falafel

  1. I successfully had falafal in Tommy’s Park last week (or maybe the week before?). But alas, I went looking for the cart yesterday, and it wasn’t there. Bummer, because it was truly delicious.

  2. It’s not in Tommy’s Park when it’s there — it’s in the bottom of Post Office Park across Exchange Street from Tommy’sPark. There is no carts in Tommy’s Park except for Mark Gotti. And it’s only there generally three or so days a week arriving around eleven in the morning.

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