Miyake Farm & Modern Vegan Chef

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a feature article on Miyake’s farm in Freeport,

“They get to eat sushi-grade Japanese tuna every day,” says Chad Conley, who manages the farm. “Masa will trim a whole tuna, and there’s pounds and pounds of blood and scraps that can’t be used that normally, before the farm, were just going in the trash.

“But the pigs love it. They eat fish heads. They eat lobster bodies. They eat extra fat that we can’t use. They go crazy for it.”

and an interview with interview with Chris McClay about her personal chef service called Modern Vegan.

“It’s so interesting – nobody’s been vegan yet,” McClay said of the clients for her business, which she launched in April. “I’ve always had the feeling right from the beginning that my service is not for vegans. However, my clients do lean towards vegetarianism.”


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