Middle Street: Pepperclub Closing & Sangillo’s Appeal

The Bangor Daily News reports that the Pepperclub/Good Egg will be going out of business this month,

After a slow, dwindling summer, Portland’s once-favored dining institution the Pepperclub and its breakfast outpost The Good Egg Cafe will serve its last meals this month.

The 25-year-old business was looking to relocate in the city, but owner Melissa Sawyer, reached by phone Tuesday, has called off the search.

In a separate article, the BDN reports that the state Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages will be holding a hearing in October to hear Sangillo’s liquor license appeal.

The hearing will be conducted by staff from the state Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations. Laurence Sanborn, who manages the agency’s Liquor Licensing and Enforcement Division, said in June that public comment will be accepted at the hearing, which will consider anew the evidence heard by city councilors on March 17.

Update: the Press Herald has now also published an article about the Pepperclub.

2 comments on “Middle Street: Pepperclub Closing & Sangillo’s Appeal

  1. Head south Pepperclub. Biddeford is begging for businesses to relocate there. Rents very reasonable compared to Portland. Build it and they will come……… just ask the fellas at Palace Diner.

  2. I’ve never taken to the easy charms of the pepper club, which seemed to be nothing more than a haven for the Space Shoes 60+ crowd.

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