Maple Syrup Season

Tuesday’s Portland Daily Sun hus published reports on the early start to the maple syrup season,

“We’re usually getting started to get ready to go tapping this time of year, but normally the sap is not ready to run for another week or so,” said Lyle Merrifield, president of the Maine Maple Producers Association, whose family was out gathering sap Monday at Merrifield Farm. “It seems like the weather changed so quick on us that we’re tapping; things are ready to run right now.”

and on new taps that are gentler to the trees,

In a shift from the traditional spout size of 7/16-inch diameter, producers like Lyle Merrifield of Merrifield Farm in Gorham have advanced to a spout that fits a 5/16-inch hole. The reason is to extend the life of trees.

This year’s Maine Maple Sunday is scheduled to take place March 28.

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