Maine Wine Regulations

The Appel on Wine column in today’s Press Herald examines state regulations that are impeding the Maine wine industry,

As Ned Swain, owner of the Maine distributor Devenish Wines, put it, “Allow shops to sample people on wine. If they’re in good standing (and) not selling alcohol to minors, having a sample bottle open wouldn’t harm anyone. It would make it a lot easier for shops to sell new, unusual, unknown wines.” (I’ll add: The state liquor authority could conduct undercover monitoring of a one- or two-ounce maximum per customer, to prevent an increase in public inebriation.)

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  1. YES Ned! It’s a matter of acting responsibly on the part if the shop keeper. If people are going to get hammered, they’re not going to do it sampling a tiny taste of wine…. they’ll go next door and do it.

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