Maine Wild Wine Fest

The inaugural edition of the Maine Wild Wine Fest (website, facebook, instagram) will be taking place May 21st at the Wolfe’s Neck Center Mallet Barn in Freeport.

The one-day festival will feature two attendance windows (10:30 – 1:30 and 1:30 – 4). Attendees will be able to taste the natural wines and talk with representatives from natural wine producers and importers.

The concept of natural wine aligns with the mission of understanding where our food and beverage comes from, and how to produce products in more responsible ways. This is a unique opportunity to meet and talk with the people who have shaped that movement in America, learning from them first hand, while tasting delicious and very special wines!

MWWF is being organized by Ned Swain and Margot Mazur. Tickets are now on sale at