Maine Visit by Use Real Butter

Jennifer Yu from Use Real Butter has published part a two part report on her food filled trip to Maine. Part 1 deals with with the dinner at El Rayo, and an eating tour in Portland and the Midcoast. Part 2 is about a sailing trip aboard The Schooner J. & E. Riggin.

There is a special love I have for the state of Colorado – the place I call home. You can probably sense that from the way I photograph and write about Colorado in this space. It is not unlike the adoration that Mainers have for Maine. Before last week, Maine was never much on my radar except when good friends of mine waxed nostalgic for it (my pal in graduate school always referred to her as, “Maine, the great state”). But my western-centric attentions were pointed East when my friend, Sharon (who I met at IFBC Seattle in 2009 on a chance shared cab ride), invited me out on behalf of The Maine Office of Tourism and The Schooner J. & E. Riggin for a trip to explore some of their fine state. So yeah, I was in Maine last week and it was… AWESOME.

Jen’s visit was part of a public relations effort for the state by Sharon Kitchens from Delicious Musings and the Maine Department of Tourism that brought 3 prominent bloggers from Colorado, California, and Tennessee to Maine.

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