Maine Startup & Create Week Food Show

The organizers of Maine Startup and Create Week have put out an open call for vendors to participate in their food show.

Get your product in front of entrepreneurs, journalists, consumers, innovators, and investors!  The selection process is intended to demonstrate the breadth, depth, and creativity of the region, so this will be a delight for guests and an opportunity to shine for producers.

The deadline for priority selection is May 16th and the final deadline is May 30th.

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  1. this seems ostensibly good but the real goal is to get free food for the event. this entrepreneur event is nothing more than a focus on maximizing profit at the expense of naïve entrepreneurs. sure, it could help someone but more than likely it wont. if someone has a great product today it is relatively easy to get it out there with social media. that is the best way (or on shark tank of course if you have some sales) I’ve seen events like this on the “other coast” and the attendees are all wannabe entrepreneurs so don’t know how that helps these food entrepreneurs?
    (this comment by a media consultant with large fortune 500 clients who loves maine and doesn’t like to see exploitation, but who does of course)

  2. Maine Startup & Create Week is a completely volunteer event. All revenue goes to the attendee experience, so we put the money right back into the ecosystem. We also have attendees from more than 27 states that attend MSCW. We want to celebrate the thing that is part of Portland’s brand but we also want to provide an opportunity for those companies with food products to get access to a different set of community connectors from around the country. The feedback from last year’s participants (the companies) was overwhelmingly positive, but we are always open to suggestions and feedback on how to improve the event. If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please email me, I’m the founder and chair of Maine Startup and Create Week: – I’d love to talk to you about your experience and how we might improve it.

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