Locally Sauced Now Open

Locally Sauced (facebook, instagram, twitter) opened their new restaurant on Thompson’s Point Saturday. The new brick and mortar location serves barbecue in addition to burritos and tacos. Locally Sauced is located in the space formerly occupied by Big J’s Chicken Shack.

One comment on “Locally Sauced Now Open

  1. Paid them a visit for lunch today. Food was good overall (couple of areas for improvement, but I’m not going to hold any shortcomings against them, given that they’ve been open for all of five days) but those prices ($6 for a fish taco that I can hold in the palm of my hand and $14 burritos) definitely came with some sticker shock. I’m sure they’ll do just fine this summer, but I’ll be interested to see how they fare once the tourists go home at the end of the season.

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