Lobster & Whoopie State Treat

Today’s Press Herald includes reports on a group that’s trying to “put Maine lobster where it isn’t“,

They hope to redirect the state’s signature seafood into the mouths of gastronomes in the form of gourmet pies, pizzas and bisques.

The lobstermen have just launched the Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Co., based on the Portland Fish Pier, teaming up with renowned chefs Jonathan King and Jim Stott, owners of Stonewall Kitchen in York.

Today’s paper also reports that a compromise has been reached on designating a state dessert,

The State and Local Government Committee voted 8-3 Monday to amend L.D. 71 to say that the whoopie pie would be the state’s official “treat.” Committee members said they wanted to avoid a battle with supporters of blueberry pie and other worthy desserts, but still wanted to give whoopie pies a designation.

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