Liu Bian Tan Pop-Up Dinner

A Taiwanese food truck under development called Liu Bian Tan (instagram) is holding a take-out pop-up dinner Wednesday night in collaboration with Sichuan Kitchen. The menu for the pop will include:

  • Lo Ba Bung – hand chopped braised pork belly/pork floss/cilantro with a fry egg from Old Mill farm on short grain rice
  • Yo Mein – stir fried handmade Taiwanese style noodle with dehydrated shrimp/shitake/cabbage with a splash of Taiwanese black vinegar
  • Gua Bao – handmade open face bun with slowly braised pork belly with mustard green/peanut powder/cilantro
  • Scallion Bomb Bing – shallow fried handmade scallion pancake made with Snell scallion with an egg from Old Mill Farm
  • Salt/Crispy Chicken – deep fried sweet potato coated soy marinated chicken cubes with Thai basil, sprinkle with seasoning (hint of spice)

Owner Chung Heng Liu plans to serve a menu of  “old school” Taiwanese street food. Liu had 20 years+ of experience working in the family Chinese restaurant before moving to Portland three years ago. The name of the food truck is a mash up between Lu Bian Tan which means street stalls in Mandarin and Liu’s last name.

Ordering will open up Wednesday and will be through the Sichuan Kitchen website.

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