Lack of Staff Keeps Toast Bar Closed

The BDN and Press Herald have posted reports on Scratch’s decision to keep their Toast Bar closed due to a lack of staff.

Here’s an excerpt of what Scratch wrote on Instagram,

Unfortunately with the current labor shortage we just can’t find the staff to provide the experience and service to our customers that is so important to us.

It is an extremely difficult decision and one that admittedly feels a bit like defeat because who likes to disappoint folks who want their toast!? But we‘re going to double down at the bakery on Willard Square where we, of course, will have all the bagels, breads, sweet treats, savory eats, coffee and good cheer you can handle.

We plan to revisit reopening sometime in the spring…

6 comments on “Lack of Staff Keeps Toast Bar Closed

  1. I’d say LOCATION and lack of advertising/marketing in general contributed… I remember reading about Toast Bar when it opened (probably in the PPH) but nothing since. Avocado toast was all the rage (still is?) however businesses have to keep their name out there more aggressively these days… especially with a new concept restaurant.

  2. I’m going to disagree with you here. I frequent the Toast Bar and I can say every weekend there is a line out the door for hours. They don’t have a lack of business at all. If anything they have too much business.

  3. Absolutely not a location or an advertising/marketing problem. The Toast Bar has continued to grow double digits since we opened. Taking a winter hiatus is entirely because we can’t find the staff. Unfortunate but true.

  4. Hi Tim – For the positions we have been looking for….$12-$15 per hour plus a shared tip pool between 3 or 4 people depending on the day. For full time positions (32 hours for our company) we also offer health insurance (with dental and HSA option) which we pay a portion of, PTO, and some other fun benefits and discounts. The schedule is set and as a company we really work to make sure everyone has a good work life balance. That said it is a food service job where it’s not always glamorous and you spend a good amount of time on your feet.

  5. Foodiedude is correct. They are completely successful in terms of bringing in business, no issues there and no need to advertise. The staffing shortage is real. Hoping they are up and running again soon!

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