Kickstarter: The Jewel Box

Nathaniel Meiklejohn has launched a $21,000 Kickstarter campaign to complete the funding needed for his his new West End craft cocktail bar, The Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box. As you can see in the video the build-out of the space he’s leased at 644 Congress is already well under way:

We have a great team working hard on the Jewel Box already. With the help of Petra Simmons’ architectural designs and layout, North By East Building Company’s build-out of those designs, More & Company’s brand/identity expertise, my industry experience, and your contributions, we will be able to take what was already going to be a cool place and make it sparkle brighter.

To learn more about the project and make a contribution to the campaign visit The Jewel Box Kickstarter page.

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