James Beard Awards 2014

The semifinalists for the 2014 JBF Awards will be announced on Wednesday by the James Beard Foundation.

What Maine chefs and restaurants would you like to see on the list?

For reference take a look at the semifinals lists from 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

4 comments on “James Beard Awards 2014

  1. Mike and Andrew from Hugo’s/Eventide..
    Melissa Kelly from Primo..
    Sam Hayward from Fore Street

    wild cards:
    chef at Long Grain
    Masa Miyake

  2. Have to jump on the Mike and Andrew bandwagon.
    If Masa doesn’t at least garner a nomination it really diminishes the award.
    My wildcard would be Cara Stadler of Tao Yuan.

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