Iron Chef Portland?

The Forecaster is proposing an Iron Chef-style cooking competition to combat the Winter doldrums.

Here in Portland, in February, things can get a little slow. Snow has lost a bit of its charm. Darkness lasts a little too long. Winter has set in… I say we celebrate anther one of Portland’s great attractions, its restaurants, with a cooking contest…We need a place to do it, sponsors to fund it, a moderator to keep the action going, and some judges to make the decisions. Each week during the darkest days of winter, a pair of chefs could face off, until we crown a champion.

Sounds good to me. Just one question, who’d be our Alton Brown?

4 comments on “Iron Chef Portland?

  1. Joe Ricchio…one of the founding fathers of Death Match, he writes the Food Coma blog and appears to be a real ham…no pun intended!!

  2. The Forecaster can’t afford me, or Caligula either, but we’d be open to negotiation. In other words, I’ll see your Ham and raise you my Bacon.

  3. God, that is a terrible idea. The Forecaster is a bad, bad, bad paper. It would be like the HSN putting out a sushi special.

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