Interview with Joel Beauchamp on Pocket Brunch

Knack Factory has published a podcast interview with Joel Beauchamp about the success Pocket Brunch has enjoyed, the people involved and plans for the future.

Alex Steed: On what, if anything, Pocket Brunch says about Maine?
Joel: Maine is not just what’s happening in a certain little subset of people who frequent certain restaurants and summer up the coast… That’s great; good for them. But there are a bunch of wildly creative people taking risks every day, trying crazy things and some of it doesn’t work while some of it does. But there are people doing super creative things. Pocket Brunch is proof that if you give all these guys who are working at great restaurants, but they’re doing the same thing or same kind of food over and over… [It’s proof that these] are guys who want to be trying new things or crazy stuff.

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