In’finiti→Liquid Riot Bottling Co.


Owners Eric and Julie Michaud have announced plans to rename and reconcept In’finiti as the Liquid Riot Bottling Company (facebook, instagram, twitter).

Part of the new identity of Liquid Riot is the “tasting room.” The raised dining area of In’finiti has been removed in order to open up the space and bring the room together on one level. Instead of a “restaurant” which typically has a focus on food, we now have a “tasting room” where one can focus on the taste of our cocktails made from our house-made spirits and the taste of our beer brewed on premise. To accompany these offerings we will have tasty, fresh food prepared in our kitchen. You can still get a full meal or just apps and snacks, just as you can still get an array of intoxicatingly delicious liquids. Our products are not changing, just the name, a little bit of the layout, and the idea of what that space provides.

The Michauds are just completing a renovation of the space at 250 Commercial Street and plan to re-open the business today at 3pm.

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  1. The Michaud’s explanation for their rebranding seems odd. I did a google search and could only find one other brewing or bar related business using the name Infinity. Infinity Brewing Co. is in Vermont, and not even spelled In’finiti. I don’t see how a brewery in Burlington threatens their identity. Their exclusive claim to the name is odd given it wasn’t trademarked. It is also strange that their “tasting room” will allow patrons to focus on their cocktails and beer. I was able to do that just fine sitting at their beautiful bar. I wish them luck despite their awkward announcement.

  2. I think it was a hard identity and brand to push in general. They did the right thing changing it for whatever reasons

    I really hated the two level layout in there. The upper floor seemed more like seating from portland in the 1980’s. They have one of the best decks in the city, a great bar and view of tanks, but then this odd chunk of elevated seating. From the new pics I saw they got it right. They needed to make this centered on beer and not restaurant

  3. Ronaldo i don’t think you know much about Brand identity. Burlington vermont is very close to portland. People could easily get the two places confused. What happens if infiniti starts selling there liquor in new york or vermont/ NH people might think it’s from burlington or if infinity brewery starts selling there beer in maine, people would think it’s infinity’s beer a big problem.
    The place is in burlington also used the infinity symbol making it virtually identical to portland.
    hey did the right thing rebranded there name and a much welcomed reconfigurations of the space

  4. The name never worked for me, so I’m pleased with the new one.

    Food and beer are great, so I hope this helps.

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