Indie Chefs 2022

The Indie Chefs organization is returning to Maine in September for a series of 3 dinners that brings together Maine chefs with peers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, DC, Texas, South Carolina, California and New Hampshire. The dinners are scheduled to take place September 8, 9 and 11 at Tao Yuan/Zao Ze in Brunswick—tickets are now on sale.

The fun kicks off Thursday, September 8th, with the first Collaborative Dinner. Featuring half of the lineup, each cooking a course of their own showcasing their culinary aptitude, night one will be followed by the second dinner on Friday, September 9th featuring the other half of the roster. Sunday, September 11th, we wrap up the weekend with a Grand Finale collaborative evening, featuring all the chefs together for one incredible dinner, where each chef is paired up with a partner and given a key ingredient to incorporate into their dish. 3 nights of unique multi-course menus. All dinners will start at 6pm.

The line-up of participating chefs includes:

The dinners will take place outdoors in Brunswick to “ensure the well-being of the chefs and guests alike, at Zao Ze Café and Market”.

Indie Chefs was last in town 3 years ago for 3 nights of dinners featuring 22 chefs from Maine and away.