Incredible Breakfast Cook-off

The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth was the winner of yesterday’s Incredible Breakfast Cook-off competition held yesterday at Sea Dog Brewing. The winning dish was a Creme Brulee French Toast. Here’s a description from Mignardise,

A hearty French bread, soaked over night with eggs, heavy cream, brown sugar, Grand Marnier and other diet-busting ingredients, then baked to form that signature brulee crust. With fruit on top, just to make you feel like you might be eating something healthy. Amaaaaazing.

For additional reporting check out the article in today’s Press Herald and video of the competition from WCSH.

One comment on “Incredible Breakfast Cook-off

  1. I think everybody in the Portland area must have read about The Good Table’s Creme Brulee French Toast. By the time I arrived there (around 11:20AM) it was no longer on their menu (they had sold out of it). The wait staff seemed too be generally frazzled and there were a bunch of tables that went uncleaned for the entire duration of my brunch, so I suspect that they probably really got hit this morning with folks hungry for this standout dish. This wasn’t the best brunch experience of my life, but I will return to try the french toast.

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