Hunter’s Bend x Honey Paw

The Hunter’s Bend and The Honey Paw are collaborating on a mushroom dinner later this month. The dinner will feature “eight courses of fantastic vegetarian food highlighting locally foraged, cultivated and imported mushrooms”.

The Hunter’s Bend is a super club/catering operation run by Frank Anderson & Rebecca Ambrosi who are both part of the team launching Jason Loring’s tiki bar, Rhum.

Ticket for the mushroom dinner are on sale on Eventbrite.

One comment on “Hunter’s Bend x Honey Paw

  1. I like The Honey Paw, I love mushrooms, pop ups can be fun, but $96 for 8 small plates of fungi? This does not include drinks, tax and tip. So my wife and I can eat some ‘shrooms, drink a couple glasses if wine, and part with $300? What am I missing?

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