Hilltop Superette

The Blueberry Files has posted a report on the new Hilltop Superette which just opened on Monday.

Hilltop Superette has been remodeled, but the layout is very similar to Colucci’s. The ceilings seem higher and the deli and checkout counters are raised as well. It’s very clean and bright, with a modern retro feel. 
I was immediately impressed with the selection of dry goods on the shelves. I saw Kraft Velveeta shells and cheese next to Cascadian Farms organic cereal, Thai Kitchen curry pastes next to Shake’n’Bake. 

6 comments on “Hilltop Superette

  1. Bring back the mural! Outrageous. The Hill does not need more vinyl siding.

  2. I was really impressed by the place, especially the choices on the menu. The italian wasn’t traditional like an Amato’s one but it was very good and the Orzo was amazing.

    First and foremost all I care about before I try food is how presentable the workers and kitchen are. They get a grade A

  3. Ronaldo! I don’t think it was a crime! I’m into art! Were they commissioned by the original muralist/Shipyard or was it more of an organic, crowd-sourced thing?

  4. Eric Giddings, aka Webbie G, invited the public to submit drawings that were individual expressions relevant to the history of Munjoy Hill. They were all paper and applied with a paste that ensured the contributions were temporary. After a short period of time, the pictures would weather and disappear leaving behind Webbie’s original mural. We will never get to enjoy this metamorphosis.

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