Harvest on the Harbor

Today’s Portland Daily Sun includes an overview of some of the key activities taking place at Harvest on the Harbor this week.

I am happily anticipating Harvest on the Harbor this week, Oct. 24-27, a celebration of food with sweeping views of Casco Bay and an array of food and wine events and tasting opportunities. I am especially eager for Top of the Crop on Thursday, Oct. 25, when four outstanding Maine chefs will vie for Maine’s Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant. The fab four were selected based on their farm-to-table philosophy, relationship with local farms, and how well their restaurant menus reflect the farm-to-table movement year-round — not an easy task. The event will host a diverse international crowd with attendees from 48 states and the Netherlands, UK and Canada.

One comment on “Harvest on the Harbor

  1. Thought the opening night gala was really eh-eh — I’d give it a C at best. Way more booze and wine than food this year, it seemed — and dishes were repetitive from place to place. Standout was The Good Tables’ goat cheese with beets and walnuts…. DJ was atrociously loud and playing music fitting for a dance party. Why can’t they ever go for jazz when people are mingling and talking, not dancing???

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