Great Food Truck Race Coming to Portland Today! (Updated with photos)

Two finalists in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race are en route to Portland and should be arriving this afternoon. From what I’ve heard, due to some special event license, they will be able to operate in the city once they get here. The 2 food trucks are:

  • Nonna’s Kitchenette from Parsippany, NJ. Here’s the menu: Fried Ravioli $7, Meatball Madness $9, Pizelle Gelato Sandwich $6, East Coast Ice Cream Float $5, Italian Sweet Balls $5. All of it looked good. I especially enjoyed the fried balls with powdered sugar.
  • Seoul Sausage from Los Angeles. Here’s the menu: KBBQ Burger $8, Flaming Fried Balls $5, Korean Tatas Supreme $8, Strawberry Lemonade $3.

5 pm: Nonna’s arrived and texted to let me know they’re at 408 Fore Street by the time I walked 2 blocks over from Middle Street there was already a line. Portland’s food writer’s have put in a good showing with Edible Obessions, Chubby Werewolf, and Meredith Goad from the Press Herald also showing up for the fun. A pair of newlyweds also stopped by.

8 pm: Seoul Sausage arrived and parked a few spots in front of Nonna’s. They’re located right outside of Gritty’s. They just have 1 hour to sell due to the rules of the contest.

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