Gorgeous Gelato’s Liquor License Application

Gorgeous Gelato(website, facebook, twitter) has applied for a liquor license. As they explain in their cover letter (page 77),

Espresso coffee and certain Gelato sundaes become really exquisite when some liquor is added. We would also love to serve our customers a very small selection of famous Italian liquors, such as: Lemoncello, Grappa and Sambuca.

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  1. This could be a precedent setting application if it gets approved. As the licensing laws are currently written there is a trade off between serving spirits and being allowed to have minors on premise. For most small establishments that serve spirits, allowing minors on premise is not an issue or at least worth the sacrifice, but a for a Gelato shop it must be important. There are licenses that allow for both: bowling alleys, auditoriums, tennis clubs, golf courses etc.– and of course Class A restaurants. In this case the eligible premises for a Class II license would be a Class A restaurant. (Title 28-A). Class A restaurants historically have had a fairly high standard to meet with the state inspector: full kitchen, kitchen must have food sales of a minimum of $50,000/yr, a “restaurant menu”, cutlery, etc. I will be pleasantly surprised if GG meets the Class A restaurant threshold.

    Maine State liquor laws are completely arbitrary and represent a patchwork of special interest requirements. The current license classifications don’t allow for new or creative business models (like GG) and stifle entrepreneurs. Perhaps if GG gets approved this will signal a more liberal approach by the state towards small business.

  2. It’s going to be difficult as they’ll need to figure out how to make surebparents, particularly those from nations with much liberal drinking ages, don’t share their spirited gelato with their children. And that’s just one area where it’ll be rather interesting to see what the state licensing people do.

    Oh and the laws are so much arbitrary as patchwork, ie no serving alcohol before a certain time in the morning as happened this year on St. Patrick’s Day. The laws need a complete overhaul but I doubt they’ll get that done anytime soon.

    PS: I had a bartender this week note that it’s not legal to serve alcohol the way it’s being done on First Fridays. The City and State is simply ignoring these violations as its too much of a hassle to enforce.

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