Fox Family Potato Chips

Bon Appetit columnist Andrew Knowlton has gone public with his “chip tryst” with Fox Family Potato Chips which are made here in Maine.

My latest crush is Fox Farms, the hand-sliced chips made in Mapleton, Maine. The Fox family have been potato farmers since the 1800s, but only recently put these beauties on the market. They’re not too thick but not too thin, they’re cooked to a nice amber brown, and they come in longish strips. During the summer I go to Maine as much as the bosses will allow and each time I return with a few bags.

I even introduced them to my parents. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to chip commitment.

I know I’ve seen the chips for sale but haven’t found a bag at some of the likely spots. Does anyone know where an aspiring tryster can pick up a bag here in the Portland?

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  1. We love Fox Family Chips…and used to proudly carry them at our business. Unfortunately they are apparently no longer making the smaller bags- only the large ones. You can pick up the large bags at almost any Hannnaford- but we surely miss the individual sized bags.

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