Food Trucks Event, Editorial, Interview and Commentary

The Blueberry Files and Delicious Musings were at El Rayo yesterday for an appearance by the Cabin Cove Oysters shuck truck and have both posted some photos from the event.

Oysters were briny, served with a salt-cutting red wine migonette.  Sold out fast, but the Shuck Truck will be back.  And hopefully we’ll be seeing all manner of food trucks all over Portland soon anyway.

Edible Obsessions has published an editorial in favor of food trucks.

Now, because of the combined efforts of Creative Portland Corporation, along with the input from those in the community who support or wish to operate a food truck in the city, we are no longer asking if food trucks will finally come to Portland but, rather, when.

Across the board, the recommendations from CPC are more than agreeable and address everything from location to sanitation…

Who I Met published an interview with Sarah Sutton, co-owner of the food truck Bite into Maine which is located in Cape Elizabeth.

Sarah and her husband have become “the reference point” for a local issue that is gaining attention. A town that closely guards local food and business, food carts are denied business permits in the metro Portland area- mostly for fear of competition. Despite that, their cart, “Bite Into Maine” is thriving- it even placed highly in the Food Network’s “America’s Favorite Food Truck” contest after being open for only three months.

Portland Daily Sun columnist Bob Higgins recalls some recent exceptions to the current prohibition.

Just about six years back, I worked down at Tartan Textiles down in West Bayside. Every day, a food truck arrived to dispense wares of hot coffee, pre-made wrapped sandwiches, fruits, donuts, and all other manner of tasty snackery.

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