Food Truck Regulations

Today’s Press Herald reports that the Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committee will be meeting on Tuesday to review changes to food truck regulations.

Those changes, which were crafted by Associate Corporation Counsel Jennifer L. Thompson, include reducing the fee required to relocate a food truck and allowing food trucks to cluster or operate within close proximity to one another.

3 comments on “Food Truck Regulations

  1. While its great they are looking at these changes, they really are only getting back to square one from what the food truck task force recommended last year to the city.

  2. A city of this size has competing claims on what’s acceptable, so the food trucks will need to learn to live with less they want and more than perhaps others want. That said, I notice Small Axe has managed to live within the present rules and is doing very nicely.

    Hint: they won’t get the sixty-five foot setback changed, nor will they get a change in parking on the street regulations.

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