Food Truck Issue Gets a Boost

Today’s Portland Daily Sun reports that the Creative Portland is “planning to discuss the feasibility of food trucks during its September meeting, potentially paving the way for a broader citywide discussion on the issue.”

“From an economic development point of view, it’s sort of an incubator for young chefs who want to get started. At the same time, it’s a way for existing restaurants to extend their brand,” [Andy] Graham [chair of the Creative Portland board] said. “Think how cool it would be if Fore Street did a food truck, or if Miyake did a food truck.”

For now, food trucks are not allowed under a smattering of overlapping city ordinances. Various city policies enacted over the years further complicate the picture, said Councilor Dave Marshall, a non-voting member who sits on the Creative Portland board.

5 comments on “Food Truck Issue Gets a Boost

  1. Seriously? The cities too small, restaurants are already crawling over each other as it is!

  2. Cool! It’s about time Portland let restaurant owners have the option of operating food trucks in the city.

  3. I think it’s more of a question as to where they can operate. Food carts have a requirement of a sixty-five foot setback from any bricks and mortar restaurant. Will these have the same requirement? If not, the food carts will rightfully scream bloody murder.

    And I seriously doubt many folk already running a restaurant (or several) are going to be the ones doing this. I can imagine Uncle Billy’s BQ might have done this in the day but Jonathan already had a portable BQ setup.

    Do they have to be legally parked? If so, that limits where they can be placed.

    Can they occupy sidewalk space like the food carts do?

  4. Dumplings,

    Ultimately the City Council will decide to approve or not the necessary changes to city ordinances, so I’d recommend contacting your representative on the council to let him/her know you’re in favor of allowing food trucks in Portland.

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