Food Truck Improvements (Updated)

The City Council’s Public Safety, Health and Human Services committee will be meeting Tuesday night (5:30 pm, room 209) to consider some adjustments to the ordinance that regulate food trucks in Portland. The specific changes under consideration are:

  • Open a variety of city parks to use by a limited number of food trucks based on a RFP process.
  • Allow food trucks to operate in Monument Square on some specific days of the week
  • Create designated parking spaces for food trucks similar to the Uhaul rental spaces that already exist
  • Allow food trucks to park in metered spots anywhere in the city after 6pm

Update: the Press Herald published an article on Tuesday about the requests before the subcommittee.

One comment on “Food Truck Improvements (Updated)

  1. One spot that I think would be excellent for a food truck (particularly one selling a standard short-order grill menu) is the cul-de-sac at the end of Sewall Street, serving commuters and others heading to and from the transportation center.

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