Food Security, Food Paintings and Seatinis

Today’s Press Herald includes articles about food security in Cumberland County,

The Campaign to Promote Food Security in Cumberland County is scheduled to release its report today after a yearlong study. It says the recession has dramatically increased the number of Cumberland County residents who aren’t sure they can put food on the table, or skip meals because they run out of money.

a Maine artist who paints portraits of family recipes,

With titles like “Mom’s Spaghetti,” “MaryLou’s Fish Chowder” and “Merriam Family Camp Apple Pie,” Erickson’s work preserves memories of holiday dishes, grandmothers’ treats and just good old home cooking.

Ocean Approved’s latest product the Dilly Kelp Pickles which you can buy on the OA website,

The newest product from Portland-based Ocean Approved features the company’s kelp noodles in a dill-infused vinegar brine. With a flavor that blends the essence of dilly beans and a subtle sea taste, the pickles have a slight crunch, and have the look of spinach noodles.

and an Appel on Wine column.

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