Food Coma TV Disbanding

After 2 seasons of scouring byways and backwoods of Maine for good food and good times the team behind Food Coma TV has decided to wrap up and move on to other things. Different visions for the series played a part in the end of FC TV. According to a post by producer Alex Steed,

Worry not, none of us are going very far! The Food Coma entity is not going anywhere as Joe will continue to blog and he’ll undoubtedly keep being Joe. The production team (Kurt, Zack and I) are creating a digital media production firm where we will be working with other FCTV regulars Thomas Starkey and Beth Taylor, and we are working on creating a documentary together. Joel will keep being fabulous, no doubt.

The Bangor Daily News has published an article about the end of the TV series.

The cast and crew of FCTV became known in Maine and beyond for visiting towns and locales in the state outside of well-known food enclaves like Portland and Mt. Desert Island, to investigate and partake in the restaurants, bars, institutions and events that give them all local color. From firing guns and eating ployes in Fort Kent to shining the spotlight on Downtown Bangor‘s burgeoning food and nightlife scene, FCTV helped showcase Maine as more than just a handful of towns that tourist visit, but as a vibrant, unique corner of the country, full of interesting, entertaining people and fun places to eat and drink. It’s also laugh out loud funny and unabashedly, gleefully profane.

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