Fish Exchange & Rising Tide Brewing

Mainebiz has published an article on the challenges facing the Portland Fish Exchange.

Bert Jongerden, general manager of the fish exchange, maintains that the types of financial incentives offered to fishermen in the Bay State are desperately needed “to level the playing field” if Maine hopes to hold onto what’s left of its groundfishing industry. Those include such measures as allowing them to sell lobster bycatch (the lobsters that get caught in the groundfishermen’s nets) or passing a permanent rebate on the 5% diesel fuel tax.

The newspaper also includes a report on a new brewery in Portland called Rising Tide Brewing Company.

“It’s absolutely exciting,” says Sanborn as he works on setting up his new 1,500-square-foot space on Portland’s Industrial Way with beer barrels, fermenters and beer-making supplies. He has invested $30,000 of his own money to finance his passion for brewing after spending several years running Bush Fire Media, a graphic design and web development firm in Portland.

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