Fire on Fore Street: Street & Co, Dancing Elephant, Joe’s NY Pizza, Mark’s Place (Updated)

There was a 3-alarm fire on Fore Street early this morning. According to a report from the Press Herald,

[Fire Chief] LaMoria said at least five businesses in the building at 420 Fore St., which faces both Fore and Wharf streets, were severely impacted, including Street & Co., the Dancing Elephant II and Joe’s New York Pizza.

He said the businesses could be closed for several days if not weeks.

For additional information see this piece from WMTW.

UPDATE: Here’s some clarification and further detail from The Forecaster,

The blaze damaged businesses including the Dancing Elephant II Indian restaurant, Joe’s New York Slice Bar, and Mark’s Place, LaMoria said. There were also reports of damage to Street & Co. The apartments above the businesses were not damaged by the fire, but were damaged by smoke and water.

The Munjoy Hill News has also posted a report on the fire.

5 comments on “Fire on Fore Street: Street & Co, Dancing Elephant, Joe’s NY Pizza, Mark’s Place (Updated)

  1. Good question Nick. Are you in the Old Port this morning? Perhaps you can take a look and report back on what you see.

  2. Nope, nowhere near it today. Not that all the businesses aren’t important but you kinda feel bad for a guy moving here and doing all that work on an old building to have that happen in the middle.

  3. The staff of Street and Co was drinking on the patio of Amigos this afternoon and saying they will be closed for a week and had to throw out 200k of booze. Who knows if that is fact though.

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